Nellie's Press Boss PRO-A4 Embossing Machine

Nellie's Choice

$225.00 $250.00

Fully adjustable rollers - no need for sandwiches or shims
Cuts intricate dies with ease
Includes: baseplate, top plate, rubber embossing mat and...3 free dies!

Very accurate adjustable press options of the metal rollers allows superior cutting. The die glides through the machine so easily that you may think your die did not cut however you will be pleasantly surprised at its amazing cutting ability.

3 Free dies included inside each machine box: 
MFD039 (a 5 piece multi frame dies set)
SD010 (a curly branch shape die)
DFD007 (a 3 step Flower folding die)

A4 Size
Easy to adjust pressure
For all your dies, folders (large A4 ones too) and stencils
No hassles with different plates
Processes paper, cardboard, felt, etc
Processes easy and smooth
Machine does not move: steady grip
Own service department