Frantic Stamper Cutting Die - Potion Bottles

Frantic Stamper

$9.27 $10.30
SKU: FRA9586

Potions, lotions and elixirs will feel right at home in this set of 7 dies which includes 3 bottles (0.75" x 1.125", 0.9" x 1", and 0.55" x 1.25") as well as 3 tiny labels (0.5" to 0.625") and a smoke plume (0.75" x 1.4"). They're perfect for mixing your eye of newt for that special Halloween concoction.

Frantic Stamper Precision Dies work in most standard table-top die cutting machines such as the Big Shot, Vagabond, Cuttlebug, etc. Our dies are made in the USA.