Frantic Stamper Cutting Die - Arrow Card Sketchers (set of 9 dies)

Frantic Stamper

$25.96 $28.84
SKU: FRA9411

Our popular Card Sketcher series start off with a card layer base, which in this set is a 3.75" x 5" rounded rectangle with an arrow. 
You can orientate this panel in 4 ways making the arrow direct up, down, or sideways depending on the look you are going for. 
The panel features trendy stitching too! Inside, we have nested 8 fun arrow styles, including curved arrows, a cool chevron arrow, one that cuts ONLY the dots (cut this one into a card), and even a circular arrow. Arrows measure approx. 7/8" to 1-1/2". This Arrow Card Sketcher is filled with possibilities!