EasyCut Woven Corner Frames - XL

ParchCraft Australia

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EasyCut Woven Corner Frames - XL

PCA® EasyCut Templates. A new original concept from ParchCraft Australia. A New range of specially designed Parchment Craft Templates which differ from our PCA® EasyEmbossing Templates. Our PCA® EasyCut Templates have laser machined slots embedded in the surface to easily accommodate either your PCAE3001 Scriber Tool or a Small Craft Knife. Simply emboss the chosen frame, border, lines or cut outs using your PCAE3002 Small Ball tool, then using either the Scriber tool or the Small Craft Knife, cut out the area you have embossed. Small tight curves require the use of only the PCA Scriber. Straight lines and larger curves may be cut using either tool. Choose the frame you require. Place your finished card on the template (Face Up), hold in place using small dots of blu-tack or tape. Centre the card within the selected frame. Emboss the frame line using a PCA Small Ball tool. Then cut using either the PCA Scriber or Small Craft Knife. (we recommend using a longer fine blade in the craft knife).

Approx. Template Size: 6.25" x 7.75"

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