Dufex Metallic 3D Assorted Precut Sheets-Winter Children-16 SHEETS


$74.16 $82.40

An incredible deal for pre-cut 3D sheets from Dufex are easy to use and look amazing when added to your craft projects. Dufex products have a metallic sheen so they always add that special shimmer that is eye-catching and classy. 

There are 16 packages of sheets of  2 x 8 different images. Most have 3 or 4  images per sheet. All sheets are precut and numbered you just need to layer and attach with 3D foam tabs (item #65000002).

Designs include the following;
2 sheets: Baby with Christmas gifts, girls decorating the tree, boy and girl making a list
2 sheets: Building a snowman, bring in logs, skating
2 sheets: Ballerina, girl with apples, girl with teddy
2 sheets: boy and girl with apples, girl with Christmas decorations, girl and wagon
2 sheets: boy with sleigh, girl feeding a bird, girl with a bouquet of flowers
2 sheets: dressed up girl with animals, boy and girl with dog, boy and girl with reindeer
2 sheets: girl with geese, girls with flowers, girl with birdcage
2 sheets: girl with deer, boy and girl on a polar bear