Canvas Corp Saggy Baggy Pint Burlap

Canvas Corp

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We gave the Saggy Baggy its name because it was the perfect bag to sag into place, tie with a ribbon, cord or twine around ball jars, bottles, gifts and tie it up and fold the cuff over for a great look. The finished top can be folded over to create a cuff or stand the bag straight up.

This 100% jute burlap saggy baggy is perfect to use instead of another gift bag. These bags come in three sizes (cup, pint and quart). A great way to camouflage plastic plan pots for centerpieces.

Decorate to match a season or decor! Paint, stamp, glue or give as is. Made from 100% jute, and manufactured in the USA.

Cup (5.5" tall)
Pint (8" tall)
Quart (12" tall)