Bonnidee Stamps - Merry Christmas Filigree

Bonnidee Stamps

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Bonnidée Stamps - Merry Christmas Filigree

Clear Stamps
How to Use:
Peel stamp carefully from clear backing, taking special care if stamp lines are thin, and place on a flat surface, back side facing up.
Place acrylic block on stamp. This will eliminate distortion. Press firmly.
Apply ink with stamp pad, tapping to cover stamp and press onto paper.
Wait a few seconds to be sure ink has transferred well.
Wipe stamps clean with mild soap and water or special stamp cleaner depending on the inku used.
Return to backing for storage.
If stamps lose their stickiness, wash with mild soap and water to remove any dust and oils on the back of the stamp.

12 Stamps

Smallest: 0.25" x 0.25"
Largest: 3.10" x 2.45"