Bohemian Romance 12x12 Paper Collection

Canvas Corp

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Bohemian Romance is the newest collection by artist Aga Baraniak. Aga created 8 stunning 12x12 papers for the collection and we put them together in a pack to give you 1 of each paper. The colorful papers are printed on a unique textured paper that was specifically chosen to bring out the beauty of the watercolor painting and the black and white images are printed on water-media paper making them ideal for painting, coloring or decorating your way.

This collection features stunning purples, greens and rich tones that work so well together.
  • 12x12 paper
  • 8 styles - 1 each 2 prints on water-media paper (black and white art) 6 prints on texture-media paper (colorful prints)
  • ideal for use with watercolors, mists, paints, markers and more
  • single-sided full color print
  • designed in Poland and printed in the USA

the colors work so well together and you can layer the flowers that you painted or the art provided on top of other art and the look is stunning.