Hearty Crafts Magic Shrink Wraps. Winter Village (10cm)

Hearty Crafts

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Magic Shrink Wraps. Winter Village 10 cm

Size: 10 cm (3.94")
Fits Acrylic Ball:�1105-98

A set of 3 plastic shrink sleeves that will fit around any 9 cm - 10 cm (3") diameter smooth cylinder or ball. 

Simple DIY project for decorating ornaments. For additional decorating ideas try adding glue around the edges of the wrap then sprinkling glitter jewels or glitter silk and don't forget to add coordinating ribbon to hang the ornament.

Simply place around the object you would like to decorate and place in hot water. This will wrap the plastic around the object in a smooth snug fit. 
These shrink wraps are useful for decorating things like eggs, candle holders, glass jars, wine glasses, vases, bottles, ceramics etc now it's very easy to add a decorative personalized touch. See more designs and sizes available on our web site.