Canvas Corp 4 x 6 Stretched Natural Canvas

Canvas Corp

$3.39 $3.99

Be the artist with our 100% natural stretched canvas. Our stretched canvases do not have gesso or any other top coat, making them the perfect surface for your DIY, home decor and craft projects. No gesso means that the canvas accepts paint, mist, ink, dye, iron-ons, rub-ons, etc. in a whole new way. The natural fibers of the canvas accept the mediums and show off their vibrant colors and bring depth to your projects. You are going to love how your art looks on our canvas. Perfect surface for mixed media, altered art, craft and home decor projects.

10oz canvas
100% natural cotton
1/2" thickness
Wooden frame
raw canvas, no gesso applied
Size: 4 x 6 inches.